Top Universities for Economics and Finance in the World

Top Universities for Economics and Finance in the WorldWhen you want to find the best Compliance consultants for your company then you may think of hiring those that have attended the best Finance and Economics universities in the world. The United States boast of having some of the best universities where one can study Finance and become one of the best consultants in this field. However, this does not mean that the other countries have been left behind. There are many universities in the UK and other countries where you can be sure that you will enroll and have the best education in as far as the above career is concerned.

The top Finance Universities in the United States

Of all the 30 subjects ranked recently, the Unites States Universities dominate the economics tables. They took more than a quarter of the top ranked places. Harvard took the first place and was closely followed by The MIT. The third place goes to the London School of Economics. This means that if one wanted to get the best when it comes to the study of this subject, then the US and the UK would be the best destination in their search for the education related to Finance and Economics.


The other top universities in the US and UK is as follows: University of California, Berkeley, the University of Chicago, and Princeton, Yale, university of Pennsylvania and the Stanford University. This is a testimony that the best universities in the world when it comes to the subject of Economics and Finance are in the United States of America. Let us now discuss some of the best universities that offer this subject in the UK and a few other countries.

Top universities for economics in the UK

In the UK, one of the best schools where people can study economics and Business as well as Finance is the LSE. The London School of Economics is renowned for its well structured courses and the fact that it has produced some of the best economics professionals in the world. The UK also boasts of the University of Cambridge as the next best school where people can study this subject. As such, most of the other people in UK and Europe who want to study the business related subjects can go to this school and be sure that they will get the best kind of education. The University of Oxford is also a top institution where you can study this subject and still be sure that you will be competitive the world over.

Top universities for economics in Australia

Let us also consider the best universities in Australia where one can also study economics. Australia is the country that boasts the next group of schools or universities that offer economics. The Australian National University is the top ranked university in this regard. The University of Melbourne as well as the University of Monash is next. The others are the University of Queensland and the University of New South Wales.

24 Jul 2014

Lease a car for a great price

Lease a car for a great priceIf you’re looking to lease a car for a great price, you need to know what you want and how to get it. Paying to lease a car can be so much cheaper than buying one, but you have to make sure you stay within the allotted amount of miles and you keep the car in good condition.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure you get the best car for you, without paying over the odds for it:

-          Think about what kind of car you need. Are you looking for a big family car or a little sports car that’s just got room for two? Ideally you should pick a car that will suit your needs and that of your family. Paying for a car that’s not big enough or is too big could be a waste of money.

-          Think about how much you can realistically afford to pay each month. Remember you’re going to have to pay for running costs and insurance too.

-          Test drive any car you are considering. Notice how comfortable it is and how easy it is to drive. While you’re on the test drive, make sure you don’t mention to the sales staff that you intend to lease a car. In fact, don’t mention that you want to lease any car until you’re ready to work on a deal.

-          Make sure the car you’re thinking of leasing comes with a lot of safety features. You need to have a car that keeps you as safe as possible, especially if your family is going to travel in it too.

-          Make sure you take a look at the best lease deals around. Work out how much you can afford to pay and whether there’s any flexibility in the deals available.

-          When it’s time to speak to someone from the dealership negotiate a price but don’t mention you want to lease. Agree a final price and then mention that you want to lease the car, this way your monthly payments will reflect the final price, and not the other way around.

-          Try to make a large deposit on your new vehicle. The larger the deposit is, the lower your monthly payments will be. Even if you can only afford to pay an extra $200, it will help to lower your payments each month.

22 Jul 2014

How to Correctly Deal with Your Debts and Remain Creditworthy

How to Correctly Deal with Your Debts and Remain CreditworthyLoans are part of our daily lives because we need ready financing at one point which we may not afford to raise in full. Creditors therefore come in to help us with this with terms and conditions for payment. It is possible that you get bankrupt after taking the loan. This means that you cannot afford to pay back yet the lender requires his or her money back. You may end up having all your belongings auctioned to settle the debts. This leaves you a depressed person. You also become a risky creditor and no one can trust you with their money. However, you can avoid all this trouble by insuring your debts. This will be a sure way that you are protected against bankruptcy. This will involve taking a secured loan.

Other ways of getting yourself out of the trap of debts

You need to prioritize the payment of some debts. Try to pay the debts that have more risky consequences first and not necessarily the most expensive ones. Look at how harsh the penalty could be for non-payment while considering what to pay first. Being honest with yourself and others is also a good way to deal with your problems. If you are struggling financially, you can tell those you trust and probably your employer who will come in to give you the necessary advice. You should not go ahead saving when you have debts. It makes no sense to put money in a bank and earn an insignificant interest while accumulating more debts. Loans usually attract a higher interest as compared to savings. Try to control yourself by use of a budget. Try to slice out what seems unimportant when you find your finances are overstretched. This is a better way to discipline yourself with your finances. Before you can get to your creditor, it is advisable to seek advice from debt management companies to know your rights over the debts. If you speculate that you are not going to meet the terms of the loan set, it is good to approach your creditor and plead for better terms by explaining your situation.

How people deal with debts in Scotland

In Britain, there are different laws depending on where you live. The residents of Scotland have a way of dealing with their debts to keep them save from creditors. Trust Deed Scotland is a sure way for residents to remain at peace with their minds. With this arrangement, debtors can write off their problematic debts that seem unaffordable but must meet some specific criteria. It also reduces the monthly payments of the debt.

How to protect yourself from bad debts

There is no debtor without a creditor. As a creditor, you will also need to take measures to ensure that you have a guarantee of your money in the event the debtor becomes bankrupt or insolvent and cannot afford to pay you as agreed. You can take credit insurance or a bad debt insurance to be at peace with your business. This will monitor your debtors daily and therefore give you early warnings on when the debtor is likely to default. You also get to increase your cash flows because there will be faster payment. Who pays the premium? Although the creditor is the beneficiary, the debtor is the one who pays for the premium on this insurance. As the creditor, you should only accept such terms if you are sure you can afford to pay for that extra cost of the premiums. There is a greater risk with money and one should never take chances with it.

20 Jul 2014

How seo can help your business

How seo can help your businessWhen it comes to the world of business, you need to give yourself a fighting chance. This is where a seo company can come in and insure your finance or insurance business is a lot more successful.

The great news is that you can make a big difference to the number of people who come across your website and use your services or buy your products. Here’s how seo can make that difference:

Helping your website to be seen

Search engine optimisation will help your website to be seen as there will be links placed on the internet for you. These links will encourage people to visit your website and see what you have to offer. Getting your website seen is the key to helping your business become successful, this is why it’s imperative you use SEO to help your business grow.

Boost your traffic

As well as helping your website to be seen, SEO will also improve its traffic. When it comes to page ranking, the pages with the highest number of visitors (Traffic) will show at the top of the page. As long as there are enough links that contain the right keywords, you should start to see your website climb up the search engine results page. The higher up the page you’re found, the more likely you are to get traffic.

Increase your sales

As well as helping to boost you traffic, you can also be sure that SEO will also help to increase your sales. This is because more and more people will come across your website, which means more and more people will want to buy your products. The more sales you make, the more customers will return to you again and again. This will in turn boost your ranking on the search engine results page and ensure your site continues to be well placed.

Reduce competition

SEO is a great way for you to reduce completion as its likely your new page could outrank a competitors. This means that more potential customers are going to find your website first, which means you’re the one that’s more likely to make a sale.

As you can see, SEO is great for your business, so make sure you think about using this great marketing method to boost your business like never before.

18 Jul 2014

Buy Affordable Instagram Followers

Buy Affordable Instagram FollowersInstagram is a social platform that has millions of users all with the same interests of gaining popularity and standing out. This is only possible if you have many followers. At follow factor, you can buy instagram followers at an affordable rate and reap the greater benefits. With many followers, you will be able to promote your personal brand as well as your business if this is your goal. Naturally, acquiring followers all by your own is never easy. You need to spend a great number of hours posting photos and videos and you may never be lucky enough to have people like them especially if your profile is new. The natural rule of nature is that people follow others who have already established social proof by having many followers behind them. This is no longer an issue because you can buy quality followers from follow factor and get to these levels. When we talk of quality, we mean that these followers are real people and in that case they will be able to access your profile and invite others to like it too unlike fake followers who can never bring you that exponential growth since they never exist or are not active.

Reasons why you need to buy followers and why you should choose follow factor

Buying followers is one way you can be guaranteed of growth on instagram. Logically, even you cannot wish to follow someone who just has a handful of followers; why then expect that other people are different from you and can follow such a person? You can now see the sense of having many followers in your account. Having many quality followers will translate to many likes on what you post and this will draw more attention to your profile. Again, when you buy followers, you save much of your time because you do not need to spend a lot of time posting to attract them. You will also not need to keep following other users to gain more followings. Your money does everything for you. You can never compare the money you spend on buying followers to the benefits you get. You incur only a little cost but this allows you to reach your dreams within no time.

Buy In Packages

These followers are offered in packages and with as low as 3.99 dollars, you can get 250 followers from follow factor on their starter package. There are other packages available to take care of diverse customers’ needs which include; popular package for 1000 followers at 7.99 dollars, famous package for 2500 followers at 15 dollars, superstar at 47 dollars for 10 000 followers and idol package for 50 000 followers at 127 dollars. You have no excuse why you should let this opportunity pass you by not unless your purpose is only to make others popular by following them. Follow factor assures you of a faster delivery of these followers to your account depending on the package you choose. For some, it can take up to 24 hours but the maximum you can wait is 5 days.

Money Back Guarantee

They also guarantee you security for your money by giving you a refund if you feel that you are not happy with their services. Moreover, they assure you that your account is safe and cannot be banned since they use the safest means to deliver followers to your account. Follow factor has had to serve many customers who keep returning for more because of the personalized services and the customer support they get. You do not need to use a password to access this service from them thus making your work easier. Buying instagram followers also increases your confidence and you can be able to boast to your friends about how popular you have just become over the internet. This is natural because people always want to be appreciated.

There is therefore no need to keep sharing information using the traditional means to gain customers even for your business. Using instagram is very cheap since you will get what you desire with less efforts thus increase your returns by cutting down on costs. What are you waiting for? Join instagram and buy instagram followers and let your money do the job for you.

16 Jul 2014

The Importance of bookkeeping

 The Importance of bookkeepingBook keeping is very important for every business whether it is big or small, and it is something any business needs to undertake. Book keeping can even help you to grow from a small to a big business. In order to be successful and to help your business grow, you need to maintain cash books, stock books, record of assets, Profit and Loss accounts, records of payrolls, sales invoice, cash receipt, credit book, cash payment vouchers and bank transactions.

Hire professionals

If you are not sure how to maintain your business records, you can hire the professionals who will do this for you. If you visit you will find a business that can help you deal with your finances. If you are looking for a high quality service from someone you can trust, you need to hire this team of accountants. When you hire them you know your business is in safe hands and all your financial records will be dealt with.

Some of the advantages of maintaining your books are as follows:

  • Book keeping will help you to maintain a record of all your income and expenditure. It will also help you to plan ahead and prepare a budget for the coming year.
  • Book keeping also helps you to make all your payments on time. Whether it is a loan payment or an electricity bill that you need to pay, everything is scheduled so you know exactly who needs paying and when.
  • Book keeping enables proper cash flow management which is essential for the smooth running of any business.
  • Book keeping helps you to evaluate how your business is performing. You can determine if your business is making a profit or if it is simply breaking even.
  • You can set realistic financial goals for your business when you are maintaining records.
  • Book keeping will help you to determine if your business needs to expand or if you can afford to hire extra workers.

Even if you are a small business, you should maintain your books at all times. This will help to create a positive cash flow in to the business which will in turn help your business to grow further. Book keeping will help you to analyze your current situation over a previous year’s situation so you know how well you are performing. This will help you to clearly understand where you are going and if you are heading in the right direction.

30 Jun 2014

A Simplified Guide to Low Income Low Asset Insolvency (LILA) and Sequestration in Scotland

A Simplified Guide to Low Income Low Asset Insolvency (LILA) and Sequestration in ScotlandSequestration is the legal equivalent of bankruptcy in Scotland and most commonwealth countries around the world. Low Income Low Asset or LILA is a type of sequestration for Scottish citizens who meet set criteria. Before I get deep, I should point out that sequestration is put in place so that people who can no longer make contractual payments or pay their debts can apply for. When you seek and get sequestration, your unsecured debts may be written off after a certain period to allow you to start your financial life afresh from a different perspective. Sequestration is essentially a last resort to resolving financial troubles but it has long term effects on the applicant’s credit rating.

The basics of LILA and Sequestration

Sequestration, as pointed out above, is designed for Scottish citizens with unsecured debts that outweigh the value of their assets, including fixed assets like land and property and liquid assets like savings. When you apply for sequestration, these assets will be sold off to repay creditors in a process that lasts 12 months. To qualify for sequestration, one must meet the following requirements:

i)                   Have lived in Scotland over the past year and or currently living in Scotland.

ii)                 Have a total debt that exceeds £ 1,500.

iii)               Must not have been bankrupt or sequestrated over the past 5 years.

Applying for sequestration is not free. There is a £100 application fee and the applicant will meet any court fees resulting from the process.

People who have no assets and low income cannot apply for standard sequestration because the process demands that one has assets of value that can be sold to raise the funds that creditors are paid with. In such a case, LILA is the most feasible solution. Note that while sequestration may seem like the best way out when financial difficulties hit hard, it is not always the only solution, or the best for that matter. You can find invaluable tips, advice and available alternatives on the bankruptcy Scotland website for free.

Restrictions that come with sequestration

Before you decide to seek standard or LILA sequestration, you should understand that there are a number of restrictions that will be placed on you as an individual and on your assets. These include:

i)          You will not be able to serve as a company director, justice of peace or governor of a school after sequestration.

ii)        After sequestration, there are feature limitations regarding occupations and jobs you can take.

iii)      You must seek court approval to take part in the formation, promotion or management of a limited company.

iv)      You will not be allowed to engage in trade or business under a different name before you notify all the parties involved in your sequestration.

v)        You cannot vie to be a member of local authority or a member of parliament.

vi)      You will most likely lose the most valuable assets first, unless you consult an Insolvency Practitioner (IP).

vii)    Sequestration is publicly recorded.

viii)  After sequestration, you cannot take credit exceeding £250 without notifying the involved sequestration parties.

ix)       Your credit card rating will suffer the most.

Despite these restrictions, there are a number of benefits to seeking sequestration. These include:

i)          You can write off assets 12 months after sequestration.

ii)        When you seek LILA sequestration, you will have a peace of mind because creditors cannot harass you. This is because covered creditors will cease collection and attempts to collect funds from you.

iii)      You will not need to make payments on covered debts if you cannot afford it.

28 Jun 2014

Importance of bookkeeping

Importance of bookkeepingBook keeping is very important for every business whether it is small or big. It is the basic requirement of any business holding. Book keeping is important for you to grow from a small business to a big business. Book keeping is a part of financial accounting where the finances of the business are maintained. To be successful and to grow in your business, you need to maintain cash books, stock books, record of assets, Profit and Loss accounts, records of payrolls, sales invoice, cash receipt, credit book, cash payment vouchers and bank transactions.

Hire professionals:

If you are not sure how to maintain the records for your business, you can hire the professionals who will help you in maintain financial records for your business. helps you to deal with your business finances. If you are looking for a high quality service where you will not have to face any issues, you need to hire When you take the services of, you know that your business is in safe hands and you can be assured that you will get efficient service.

Some of the advantages of maintaining book keeping are as follows,

  • Book keeping will help you to maintain records of all the income and expenses for the business and help you to plan ahead and prepare budget for the coming year.
  • Book keeping also helps you to make all your payments on time. Whether it is loan payment or bills payment, everything is scheduled when you maintain records.
  • Book keeping enables proper cash flow management which is very much essential for the smooth running of any business.
  • Book keeping helps you to evaluate how your business is functioning. You can determine, if your business is going in profits or it is stagnated.
  • You can set financial goals for your business when you are maintaining records.
  • Book keeping will help you to determine if your business needs expansion or if you can afford to hire extra workers.

Even if you are a small business, you should maintain proper book keeping. It will help initiate positive cash flow in to the business which will help your business to grow. Book keeping will help you to analyze your current situation over previous year’s situation. You can clearly understand where you are going and if you are going into positive direction or not.

13 Jun 2014

Using Your Own Computer for Stock Broking

Using Your Own Computer for Stock BrokingThe appeal of getting rich quick through stock broking is too much for some to resist, and through this prospect they will go to a professional stock broker whose job is to get rich off of people wanting to get rich, and most of the time, they are the ones that get richer. So it does seem logical to eradicate this person from the process and to educate yourself on the ins and outs of stock broking, which is made easier by the use of computers that are used so widely in stock broking firms today.

 The use of computer goes back to when mathematicians started to rule the game as a pose to the cocaine driven instinctual salesman on the actual floor of the stock market. These mathematicians programmed super computers to create patterns and then predict the prices, and to then buy shares automatically.

 Choose the right computer

This is the first place to start, as working by this method places a lot of emphasis on the computer and the software it can run. Places such as IT Support Essex will be able to offer support and advice with regard to this, but there are just a few simple pointers to keep in mind when in this process.

 First of all, most stock broking software is designed to run on IBM or Apple computers, so it is prudent to work backwards from what you would like.

 Another necessary requirement for any software for stock broking is a large memory, as a lot of data will have to continuously be processed. To receive up to date data of how much shares have been sold for is a costly business in terms of memory and money, although the high price can be cut down considerably for those who receive this data with a fifteen minute delay.

 Other investment tools

As a result of the innovations I mentioned in the introduction made by a few mathematicians, there are some programs which follow the same kind of vein as those first developed back in the 80s and 90s.

 The choice of software that is available is extremely good, and this means that if you do the research right you will be able to find something that works perfectly for your means, which will probably need to be figured out after a few attempts. The best way to go about this is to ask some home analysts what is best for a beginner.

11 Jun 2014

Can you afford a good pool?

Can you afford a good pool?Can you afford a good pool in your back yard? You may think they are more expensive that they really are. Pools will in actual fact only be as expensive as you let them, and if you’re determined to find a bargain, you will. (more…)

23 May 2014